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What I'm Reading— Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

Recently I finished Peter Thiel's Zero to One: Notes On Startups, or How to Build the Future. While Peter Thiel has been polarizing for some in the recent political sphere, as an entrepreneur in the making who has digested a lot of content recommended for us weary, yet hopeful, pioneers— I have to say this is the best book I've read in the subject.

Thiel as been a trailblazer in the tech startup and venture capital world for nearly two decades. While his best claim to fame for many, he is the Cofounder of the online electronic payment processor— PayPal, and the data analytics firm Palantir. But what really sparked my interest in Thiel is the reputation for for his idiosyncrasies, which helped inspire the character of Peter Gregory in the HBO series Silicon Valley.

Zero to One is informative, easy to read, and hilarious, at just 200+ pages, I'd recommend this to anybody interested in tech entrepreneurship or the unknown potential for what the future will bring (all too soon).

Incidental Rating: 9/10

For those of you who struggle to even finish a short blog post, I have become a huge fan of short video summaries on YouTube. Book Video Club does a fantastic job with their video book summary.

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