Craig Perry Guitar

Dates: 12/2017 - Present  
Digital Strategy 

EPK Project

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Craig Perry is an accomplished classical guitarist, composer, and performer residing in San Francisco, CA.  Nearing the completion of his second album, Craig is seeking to establish a relationship with a record label to produce his latest work. To meet this goal, the focus of this project is to overhaul his digital presence and create a new and unique electronic press kit (EPK). 

Dates: 01/2018 - Present  
Digital Strategy 

E-Commerce Art Store Project

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Kathleen Heitmann Art

Kathleen Heitmann is an established artist residing in Boulder, Colorado. The focus of her craft is painting—boasting a wide range of imagery and colorful patterns with her work. Creating a new painting 5 days a week, Kathleen has set new goals for 2018 to increase her exposure and sales of her artwork. Currently, Facebook has been the main medium for her art sales and the addition of a website that is user friendly with a straightforward capability of uploading her new content is desired.