Dates: 2016-Present
Business Development 
Digital Marketing
Project Analyst

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DeForest Trees Inc.

In two and half years, enabled DeForest Trees to become the upstart David to the Goliath of tree services in the Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, VA market—growing from $.2M in revenue to over $.5M.

Maximized profitability in two ways: 

[1] higher prices for higher-valued, customized services, and

[2] more sales per customer of expanded service offerings.

  • Full-Scale Transformation of business operations to digital— rolled out and managed several integrated technology systems: Google's full G Suite; Neat software—a centralized, easily accessible cloud library for all company documents: legal, sales, marketing, technical. Generated efficiencies and cost savings by minimizing data loss and integrating customer relationship management (CRM) strategies.

  • Finance— responsible for transferring all financial and sales records to QuickBooks. Ensuring bookkeeping is current and creation of profit/loss reports. Preparation of contracts, quotes, and invoices for customers and vendors. Setting up a new system to link financial and sales records for accurately capturing deductions and filing taxes. Analyzing digital marketing spend maximizing revenue.

  • Marketing— starting with defining brand identity and then consistently communicating it across all channels— website, print ads, and digital mediums such as Google, Facebook, Yelp as well as the use of search engine optimization (SEO). This involved developing a strategy, communicating budget plans to owners and gaining agreement, then delivering a final cost/benefit report. Attained #1 category position for reviews on Google.



Category Position for Reviews on Google Local SEO Rankings.


DeForest Trees has grown revenue from $.2M to over $.5M in the 2 years they have been a client.


Customers who find the business listing searching for a category, product, or service.


DeForest Trees' website receives 283% more views than similar businesses.