Are you trying to find innovative ways of doing business to replace old, outdated ones?

Are you constantly thinking about how to create value and build a new business, or how to improve or transform your organization?


I do.


Being able to sift through all the noise is something that is essential in this era of increasing complexity and overflow of content. 


As a Small Business Consultant, my focus is on helping businesses promote their products and services through business development and digital marketing strategies, so they can focus on running their business. 


When I speak with skilled trade professionals, restaurant owners, artists, and business owners involved across a wide variety of mature industries, I hear the same problem: the feeling that they are being left behind in today’s fast-changing business world. 


I specialize services in technology, innovation and entrepreneurial development for professional trades and small businesses so they can successfully compete in this digital age.


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  1. Build small business and start-ups’ infrastructures from the ground up and develop digital transformation programs to improve operational efficiency and consistency—driving long-term growth and profitability


  2. Create digital marketing initiatives that improve visibility and attention that will lead to brand awareness to a better & wider buying audience, and determining strategy that will proliferate the market with the right message.

 { 2016 }

All American Tree Professionals

Professional Arborist

Climbing in Virginia Beach, VA 

Dates: 11/2015 - 05/2016

American Income Life - Altig & Orlic

Licensed Insurance Provider for Unions

Insuring famalies across Virginia

Date: 01/2016 - 06/2016

Quality Athletics

Custom Appareal Screen Printing & Embroidery

Designing in Norfolk, VA


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DeForest Trees Inc.

Commercial and Residential Tree Removal Contractor

The #1 Reviewed Tree Service Contractor in Hampton Roads, VA

Dates: 07/2016 - Present

Nomadic Nurses

Medical Staffing Start-Up 

Innovating the travel nurse industry in Oakland, CA

Dates: 07/2016-Present 

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FDR Contracting

Specialized Fence & Deck Construction and Restoration

Contractor in Virginia Beach, VA

Dates: 03/2017 - 12/2017

Project #2 Dates: 05/2018 - Present 




Craig Perry Guitar

Classical & Jazz Guitarist and Composer

Jamming in San Francisco, CA

Dates:12/2017 - Present

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EastOutWest Gallery

Speciality Clothing, Jewelry, and Art

Retailer in Chico, CA

Dates: 03/2017

Sliced Fire Baked Pizza

Wood-fire pizza restaurant & pop-up food truck

Feeding mouths in Paradise, CA

Dates: 06/2017-09/2017

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 { 2018 }

Art by Kathleen Heitmann

Artist and Painter

Painting in Boulder, CO

Dates: 01/2018-Present

Garden First

Licensed producer & ancillary canna-business

Growing in Tangent, OR 
Dates: 12/2017 - Present

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The Herb & Flower Farm

Specialty Organic Producer and Floral Service

Farming in Rosedale, BC Canada

Dates: 04/2018- Present ​​

C.S. Elite Remodeling

Painting and Remodling Contractor

Painting in Virginia Beach, VA 

Dates:04/2018 - Present

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